Products & Services

We specialise in the following sootblower services and products:

  • Repairs and overhauling
  • On-site maintenance
  • Off-site maintenance
  • Project management
  • Outage work
  • New equipment, spares, and parts
  • Acoustic sootblowers
repairs overhauling

Repairs and overhauling

We can repair and overhaul all sootblower equipment to original specification. Our ISO 3834:Part 2 and ISO 9001:2015 certification is your assurance of quality work. All repairs are completed with a quality control plan (QCP) drawn up with your involvement and approval. 

on site maintenance

On-site maintenance

On-site maintenance can be done with a full or part-time crew, depending on your requirements. We adhere to your specific OSHAS requirements and offer a custom solution based on your specific needs.

Off-site maintenance

Off-site maintenance is conducted at our workshop and head-office in Sasolburg where we have the space and facilities to effectively manage both small and large projects.

on site maintenance

Project management

We have key personnel who have many years’ experience in the sootblower field. This specialised knowledge enables us to manage sootblower projects with ease, resulting in less down-time for your plant and lowering costs.

Outage work

Outages and boiler shutdowns provide good opportunities for doing repairs. Short outage opportunities allow us to tackle any critical defects found on the sootblower equipment. Longer outages allow us to do major repairs, including the complete removal of the sootblower equipment from the boiler.

New equipment, spares, and parts

We supply new sootblower equipment, spares, and parts for the major brands, including Diamond Power, Hopkinson, Ivor, Forest, and Clyde.  As we are not tied to a specific brand, we can offer you custom solutions. Typical parts include lances, poppet valves, feed tubes, gearboxes, pinions, racks and nozzles.

Acoustic sootblowers

We are the South African agents for Primasonics acoustic sootblowers. Acoustic sootblowers use low-frequency sound to dislodge soot and bonded particulates. They are a proven alternative to steam sootblowers and are particularly useful in applications where material flow (e.g., dry materials and powders) is essential. Example applications include air classifiers, cyclones, dry bulk material handling, ductwork, electrostatic precipitators, baghouse filters, ID fans, mixers and blenders, selective catalytic converters, ship cargo holds, silos and hoppers.